Suzanne Suthers

Interview Date: 7th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

After spending several years working in fashion retail, I noticed that women tend to focus on the things they don’t like about themselves. I wanted to help women to realise that they are already beautiful and became a Personal Stylist to enable them to discover and ne tune their own individual style. Over the last thirteen years I have helped hundreds of women to look fabulous, feel condent and gain more visibility on-screen. My virtual and in-person services include Colour Analysis, Style Sessions, Make-up Lesson, Wardrobe Reviews and Personal Shopping. When we discover our own authentic style, we are able to consistently look amazing, whatever age we may be!

Helen Reynolds

Interview Date: 8th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Helen is a stand for feeling fabulous instead of looking fashionable – because when you feel good, you look good. For female entrepreneurs who are ready for the world to see just what they’ve got inside – through the clothes they choose to adorn themselves with’ or ‘for entrepreneurs who dare to express who they really are – and need their wardrobes to catch up and support them in shining bright’.

Suzi Grant

Interview Date: 9th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Suzi Grant is a Blogger, Author & Broadcaster. She originally started her Instagram account @alternativeageing for anyone “Well Over 50”. Five years on, half of her 35k followers are under 45, saying that they want to be like her when they grow up! Her mission is to inspire women to grow older looking good and feeling great, and never invisible or irrelevant. Suzi says she is Well Over 60 (note play on words!) as she doesn’t want to be put in a box because of her age. She constantly campaigns on Instagram against ageism, and tags such as old, pensioner, vulnerable or elderly saying, ‘most women Over 60 are fit, fun and fabulous, and we’re not done yet!”

Melanie Falick

Interview Date: 10th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Melanie Falick is an independent writer, editor, and creative director—and a lifelong maker. She is the author, mostly recently, of Making a Life: Working by Hand and Discovering the Life You Are Meant to Live, and the host of Making a Life: The Conversation, an online series. She is the former publishing director of STC Craft/Melanie Falick Books, an imprint of Abrams, and the current creative director and editor of Modern Daily Knitting Field Guides.

Fiona Grayson

Interview Date: 10th June 2021

Time : 5.30 PM

Fiona Grayson, 28, is the Founder of can.did. – a new kind of networking for more candid conversations. Formerly known as She can. She did. Fi has spent the past four years interviewing women all over the UK and providing the honest realities of what really goes on behind the scenes to not just launch but run, grow and sustain a business as a female founder in the UK to date.

Tanya Markul

Interview Date: 11th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Tanya Markul is the author of The She Book published by Andrews McMeel. Early in life, she discovered emotional pain to be a sustainable resource for art and creation—and she hasn’t stopped writing since. Her quotes, stories, poems, and prose have touched readers around the world. She hopes to be a safe space of inspiration and empowerment for years to come.

Angela Fehr

Interview Date: 11th June 2021

Time : 5.30 PM

In 2013, this rural Canadian artist found her calling when her rst online course “Loose & Fluid Watercolor” was released on the internet. During these early days of online instruction, Angela’s gentle, open and authentic approach to teaching watercolor won her fans and dedicated students around the world. Since then, Angela’s courses have inspired thousands of students on the journey to becoming their own favorite artists. Her Heart-Led Artist student community is full of lively students exploring heart-led expression, posting their experiments and discussing ways to break out of fear and paint more authentically.
Angela’s message for her students is one of freedom – freedom to paint from the heart without fear. With a foundation in good technique as taught in her online classes, YouTube videos and workshops, students can embrace the enjoyment of a heart-led, intuitive painting style that is as unique as each artist.

Rebecca Heald

Interview Date: 12th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

I’m Rebecca and I help visionary leaders get their energy, time, and motivation back.
Through my work with Leaders and Directors across the world, I have developed programmes that truly transform the health and wellbeing of any business or organisation from Unlike traditional wellness programmes, I focus on creating the top down. agents of change through my 1-2-1 Director coaching programme. This can then be cascaded down. Food freedom is key to me. But what does it really mean and why do you need it? Food freedom is to be free from the food rules that can control your life both subtly and dramatically. When you achieve it, you begin to trust yourself again and a whole new world opens up. It is my mission to give you the same confidence with food as you do with business by helping you:
increase your energy levels, achieve a healthy work/life balance, decrease stress levels, inspire innovation, get your time back.

Michelle Worthington

Interview Date: 13th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Michelle Worthington is an international award-winning author, screenwriter and business woman. Shortlisted twice for the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s picture book of the year, two-time winner of the International Book Award and finalist in the USA Best Book Awards, Michelle also received a Gellett Burgess Award and a Silver Moonbeam Award for her contribution to celebrating diversity in literature. Michelle was the recipient of the 2018 AusMumpreneur Gold Award for Business Excellence and the winner of the 2018 Redlands BaR award for Best Start Up Business. Michelle is also a real life book fairy. Her magic powers include turning coffee into award-winning books. Anthology Angels and Authors Online, she waves her wand to coach aspiring authors and illustrators all over the world achieve their dreams of publication. Whether she’s a fairy, a mermaid, a pirate or an elf, Michelle celebrates empowering readers and storytellers to dream big

Ros Thompson

Interview Date: 14th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

I pivoted my career from a high powered job in the corporate world in April 2020 to following my passion of the Bach Flower Remedies. I qualified as a practitioner in 2013 and am now working full time helping people manage their anxiety, stress and emotions using the remedies- we look to ease negative emotions such as bereavement, grief, fear, loss, menopause, PMT, PTSD and other emotions that we would like to put behind us. The results have been tremendous and I would love the chance to tell you all about them.

Carol Hanson

Interview Date: 15th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

I inspire women who have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear!I help women to look and feel fabulous whenever they get dressed. Women who want to be stylish and look good, but struggle to articulate this with their wardrobes. They are mourning the wardrobe they wore as their younger self and all it represented in terms of their identity. Every woman has the right to feel confident about her body.
But I know that achieving that self-love is far from easy. My 23 year journey of living with and recovering from an eating disorder, means I truly understand how difficult that journey can be.
Now fully recovered, I’m committed to showing women they don’t have to look a certain way to be beautiful. I am also passionate about raising awareness and leading by example when it comes to reducing the impact fashion has on the planet.

Sam Adams

Interview Date: 16th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Sam Adams is an inspirational Life Coach to Sports Pro’s and High Achievers. Known as The Real Life Coach Sam helps her clients love more expansively and authentically.
She is also has a property business and is a Motivational speaker.

Kate Wolf

Interview Date: 17th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Kate Wolf is a soul work guide. Helping brilliantly sensitive women to stop bowing at the altar of What Other People Think and start sharing the gifts that come with being Sensitive – Intuition, Empathy, Deep Care, Insight & Healing – so they can build a profitable business from the core of who they really are.

Karen Dobres

Interview Date: 18th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Karen has a unique voice on the Lewes FC Board as she had no interest in football whatsoever before encountering Lewes FC’s equality initiative in 2017. Since then she regularly gives talks at business and sports conferences on equality in football and its effect on driving gender equality in the wider world.
Karen has also created the club’s SisterShips programme which is building a network of women’s organisations keen to support the club in solidarity with its equality stance, whilst the club promotes the member organisations’ work in return.
Karen is a writer and trained counseling therapist, including creating and managing an internal counseling service for PolyGram Records (now Universal). Prior to this Karen has also worked as a fashion model. A co-owner of the Club since 2010, she joined the Board in 2019.

Monica Ortega

Interview Date: 19th June 2021

Time: 5 PM

Monica Ortega is a professional on-camera host, actress, author, and speaker. She created the travel show Monica Goes in 2014 to inspire others to break out of their comfort zones and go on adventures. The show has produced over 100 episodes and been featured on, Thrive Global, Matador Network, USA Today’s 10Best, Insider Travel, and more!
Her book The Power of Pivoting – How to Embrace Change and Create a Life You Love is a #1 bestselling new release and has led her to speaking on some of the biggest stages, coaching clients, and hosting retreats. Monica also emcees at some of the largest music festivals in the nation, has been seen in over 20 commercials, and is the co-host of the podcast Stumblin’ Forward.

Adhisha Dahanayake

Interview Date: 20th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

’m Adhisha Dahanayake, the founder of the plus size clothing Brand “DoubleXL”. I’d say I’m the type who’s quick to adapt to styles that come my way. I’m definitely not shy to experiment with clothing. I live by the stance that I only live once. I should make it count.
Did you always accept your curves; was it a learning process and how did you embrace it? Because of the struggle to finding clothing for myself in Sri Lanka 10 years back made me venture into this brand, and I felt left out whenever I shopped and at a point, I was depressed because of the whole situation, but I realize over the years that’s body type and weight is not something that you always can
control, it can be due to various reasons special like medical conditions, so yes over the years special after venturing DoubleXL I started embracing myself and the others, and be comfortable in my own skin.

Augustina Tetsola

Interview Date: 21st June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Augustina is an accomplished former Criminal Lawyer of over 20 years experience turned Coach and Trainer she spotted the opportunity to put her wealth of experience in to supporting women to Unleash their Magnificence and so founded the Life Angel Brand which includes her passion as An accredited Divorce coach , having trained with Sara Davison one of the global leaders in this field , she is also the Author of the CTHA certified lifestyle and wellness coaching manual which she has used at her Life Angel Coaching Academy to train a number of Coaches who have themselves gone on to experience transformation in their lives and established thriving coaching practices. Augustina has a reputation for delivering exceptional results in her training role at her Academy and for her Divorce Coaching clients she is able to marry the winning combination of years of Legal expertise with her unique mindset based transformational style of coaching , clients with seemingly intractable problems report accelerated results from her strategic approach every step of the way which makes her deserving of her reputation as a highly skilled and gifted premium coach who fights hard for her clients with determination , flair and vigour. Her unrivalled experience , wealth of knowledge and rare persuasive skills were on display in a recent case which saw her take a client from near Bankruptcy to being awarded close to one million pounds. Augustina is open hearted and compassionate , she has a passion for storytelling and the creative arts she is community minded and looks for opportunities to make a contribution believing that when we work together authentically ,following our soul purpose and in support of each others dreams we can make the World a better place .

Vanessa Cuddeford

Interview Date: 23rd June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Vanessa Cuddeford is the founder of PP&P Ltd. She’s a former journalist and news anchor with twenty years’ experience working for BBC, ITV, Reuters & NBC. She coaches professional women to speak confidently, clearly and effectively so they can grow their businesses. Clients come to her because they realise something is stopping them from presenting, speaking up and being visible online and in person. She works with them to create concise, persuasive messages and to deliver them authentically and with gravitas. Her clients overcome nerves and gain confidence to make an impact and position themselves as thought-leaders whenever they speak.She helps clients grow their profile by landing TED talks and media coverage in national and international press

Forbes Riley

Interview Date: 23rd June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Award-Winning TV host, Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, One of the World’s Leading Health & Wellness experts (National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee). Forbes was voted the “Top 20 Most inspiring People on Television” through her roles as a sought-after spokesperson, broadcast journalist and Success/Results Coach to celebrities, sales teams & CEOs. As a motivational keynote speaker – she’s affectionally called “The Female Tony Robbins.” Forbes Riley has created a trusted brand name for herself.

Kubi Springer

Interview Date: 24th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Kubi Springer is an award winning Brand Specialist and Media Personality with 24 years brand marketing experience.

Starting her career in 1996 she has worked with brands such as Nike, L’Oreal, Blackberry, MTV, MOBO Awards, P.Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Rolls Royce Motor Cars and Aston Martin.

In 2018 she won the BWB ‘Best Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award and in 2019 secured a book deal with Bloomsbury Publishers (same publishers as J.K.Rowling – Harry Potter). Her book ‘I AM MY BRAND’ is now available in the UK and will be launched in the US on the 28th January 2020

Anni Townend

Interview Date: 25th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

I specialize in helping business leaders and their teams create a safe environment which brings out the condent best in each other and others, valuing inclusive dialogue and diversity of thought as part of working collaboratively to deliver great results. I am the co-creator of the Collaborative Leadership Framework, leading with collaborative edge; and the co-creator of The Grain Store.
Self-awareness and self belief/self confidence: knowing who you are: what you stand for, your values and beliefs; and getting clear on what your vision is, your ‘why’. Building a team who support each other, believe in each other and are committed to each others success and that of the business.

Chris Quintana

Interview Date: 26th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Financial Strategist helping clients to keep more of their money, make more of it and live more because they are financially free!

Milli Fox

Interview Date: 27th June 2021

Time : 5 PM

Milli Fox is obsessed with all things self-worth and manifestation. Think Brené Brown meets Gabby Bernstein with a sprinkle of goofy on top. Her mission is to help women leverage self-worth as their super-power so that they can manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams. Milli has been called to live a big, bold life of luxury in order to expand what women believe is possible for them. She aims to raise the collective consciousness and heal generational trauma (emotionally, physically and spiritually) through her coaching, programs and internet dance parties. Milli is a published author and voracious reader- who would rather be in Miami right now.