Zoe Whitman

Zoe Whitman

Interview Date: 1 March 2022

Time : 8 PM GMT/ 3 PM ET

Zoe is a business coach and accountant, and co-founder of The 6 Figure Bookkeeper’s Club. Zoe is passionate about helping accountants and bookkeepers raise their profiles, charge their worth and build businesses that give them the flexibility they need. Zoe’s the author of Know Your Numbers, the guide for small businesses who want to take control of their finances. She’s a columnist for AccountingWEB and was named one of the global Top 50 Women in Accounting in 2020. 


Ysaline Rozier

Interview Date: 2 March 2022

Time : 8 PM GMT/ 3 PM ET

Ysaline Rozier is a former corporate project manager turned into a time management coach. 

She has learned how to transform her life from a draining corporate 9-5 to building a meaningful nomadic business that is helping purpose-driven female professional confidently master their time and productivity so they can take their business and life to the next level.

She has gone through the struggles, the fears, the endless questions of understanding what she wanted in her life and how to make it happen with a limited amount of time. Now, she is teaching every woman willing to take action how to lead their own life and business with the right time management and mindset techniques.

Yasmine Khater

Interview Date: 3 March 2022

Time : 8 PM GMT/ 3 PM ET

Yasmine Khater enables entrepreneurs to connect, stand out, and sell with ease.For the past decade, Yasmine has been helping thousands of entrepreneurs how to craft persuasive stories that sell.  

Armed with a degree in psychology and communications. She is an aspiring “armchair” neuroscientist. Who loves to study how to improve sales by applying science to the brain. 

Yasmine is the lead researcher and Head Story Coach at the Sales Story Method.  

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Victoria A Glover

Interview Date: 4 March 2022

Time : 8 PM GMT/3 PM ET

Victoria is a real motivator of individuals and business owners alike and uses her experience and skills gained from life and 25+ years of working across many industries and 15 of those years in Retail, as well as running her own businesses for the benefit of her clients. Most importantly, she will ensure you receive the most appropriate and relevant advice tailored to your needs to help you grow and develop your team, your processes, and ultimately, your results.

She is a determined advocate for growth in individuals and small businesses, helping them achieve the transformational results they set for themselves and their businesses. Victoria prides herself on setting clear targets for clients that will be achieved with the financial KPI’s she sets these goals against and then keeping her clients on course and focused to achieve even better results.

Victoria grew up in a family small business environment, so she understands how the pressures involved in operating an SME’s impact directly on the owner’s family and financial wellbeing.


Galia Orme

Interview Date: 5 March 2022

Time : 8 PM GMT/3 PM ET

Argentinian born Galia Orme is an award-winning entrepreneur who has taken her passion for chocolate and developed a successful business, CHOC CHICK, offering organic cacao ingredients, superfood cacao blends, raw chocolate and cacao snacks in over 800 stores worldwide. 

All CHOC CHICK ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably from cooperatives in Ecuador and Peru. Her cacao products are free from gluten, dairy and processed sugar and do not include any mono-culture ingredients such as palm oil or soya lecithin, so they are good for us and good for our planet.

Nicky Chisholm

Interview Date: 6 March 2022

Time : 8 PM GMT/3 PM ET

My Networking Club is an Business Networking Club to support and connect the UK’s entrepreneurial


Ryann Dowdy

Interview Date: 7 March 2022

Time : 8 PM GMT/3 PM ET

Ryann Dowdy did everything RIGHT in life. She had her dream job, 6+ figure salary, married, kids, and a nice home… and still woke up one day feeling completely unfulfilled. She knew something wasn’t right.

She realized it was because she was chasing a dream that wasn’t hers. As an expert in sales, she created a Facebook community of over 7,000 women looking to follow their dreams of starting a profitable business. Women began joining her sales training program not only for the incredible knowledge and results Ryann brought to the table, but also for the amazing community of empowered women Ryann sought to create. 

As she found more success on her journey, Ryann realized she still felt alone and misunderstood by her peers. That’s when she realized SHE herself did not have a community to come as the truest version of herself. 

Today, Ryann’s mission is to create a safe space for every woman who has ever been told she’s too much, too picky, too loud, too ANYTHING to come together and be fearlessly themselves.

Because when women connect, work together, and harness our power into ONE common mission – we will be invincible.

Harriette Jackson

Interview Date: 8 March 2022

Time :8 PM GMT/3 PM ET

The epitome of a serial entrepreneur, Harriette started her first business at the age of 19 and quickly climbed 
her way to high 6 figure success within the music industry. Heartbreakingly, at the height of her accomplishments, she lost everything when her business partners planned, plotted, and succeeded in stealing her entire client list and 
setting up a competing business on their own.

It was a pivotal moment that 
left Harriette financially, emotionally, and spiritually broke.

She now serves a global clientele base of creative and spiritual freelancers, fellow entrepreneurs, and individuals on the path to self-growth and spiritual ascension by sharing her 4 pillars of Conscious Abundance, together with the 11 Universal Laws, downloaded to her from Source in 2017.